Getting Started

Using INFN Cloud

You can use INFN Cloud:

  • creating one or more services on the INFN Cloud infrastructure. You will then be responsible for the administration of such services for your own use or for a group of users that you’ll enable.
  • accessing a service that someone else has deployed and enabled the access for you.

Only in the former case you need to apply for an account in the INFN Cloud IAM, as explained below.

Prerequisites for using INFN Cloud resources

In order to be able to use INFN Cloud resources, the following mandatory conditions need to be fulfilled:

If you need to instantiate services on top of virtual machines on the INFN Cloud infrastructure you also must have received the “nomination to be system administrator” from the Director of your reference INFN Section or Laboratory, mentioning the following scope of operation: “INFN-CLOUD (as administrator user)”. At the moment, this nomination can be released only for staff and associated personnel of an INFN Section or Laboratory.


In case it is not possible for you to obtain this “nomination to be system administrator”, you may use INFN Cloud by accessing a service created, and administered, by another person, who has been nominated to be system administrator. This person can be registered in any INFN Section or Laboratory.

Registration in the INFN Cloud IAM

Once you meet the requirements stated above you need to apply for an account in the INFN Cloud IAM available at, stating in the Notes the reasons of your request.

For this you need to:

  • Sign in with your institutional account (DO NOT “Apply for an account” !!!!).



Sign in with your institutional credentials

  • The form will be autocompleted with your information as registered in INFN AAI. Please use the Notes field to explain in a few words what are the reasons of your request and, eventually, if you belong to a specific research group.
../_images/img_fig5_1.png ../_images/img_fig5_2.png
  • After compiling and sending the registration form, a verification e-mail is send to your e-mail address.

Registration done


Confirmation e-mail

  • You will be contacted by the the INFN Cloud Support team in case more details regarding your registration are needed.
  • After the successful verification of the prerequirements you will be notified about the approval of your request and more information will be provided regarding the conditions of use of the INFN Cloud resources and solutions.

SSH Keys

SSH keys allow you to establish a secure connection between your computer and your virtual machines. At least one public key has to be provided in order to be able to access the resources deployed in the INFN Cloud infrastructure.

After your INFN Cloud IAM registration is approved you need to follow the following steps in order to create a new ssh key pair or to upload your public key.

  • Login to the INFN Cloud Dashboard at, and go to your account details, as shown in the images below:

SSH keys Tab

  • If you already hava an ssh key-pair you can upload the public key as shown below:

Upload public-key

  • Alternatively if you pefer you can create a new key-pair. The public key will be stored on the INFN Cloud Secrets-Manager server, while you can download both the private and public keys into your local computer, as shown in the images below:

Create new key-pair


Download public key


Download private-key

You can store the newly created private and public key wherever you want, just remember to protect the private key and use it with the “-i” option when using ssh. More details on how to use SSH Public Key Authentication can be found here.

Once you finish managing your key, create or upload, you can continue to the “INFN Cloud Dashboard” tab and enjoy the solutions offered:


INFN Cloud Service Catalogue

To understand how to use the solutions present in the Service Catalogue, please first have a look at their respective guides present here.