How To: Request to open ports on deployed VMs


This guide explains how to request opening of new ports on deployments already done.


The user has to be registered in the IAM system for INFN-Cloud and have already deployed one of the use cases present in the Service Catalogue

How to request opening of new ports


INFN Cloud has a clearly defined list of open ports (see_reference in the Networking section). The opening of any port that is not present in the above mentioned list must be formally requested through the INFN Cloud ServiceDesk or by adding a justification in the Request Ports form shown below.

If you already deployed your service and forgot to open certain ports or you want to add new ones to the already opened one you can submit a request directly from the INFN Cloud Dashboard, from the Details drop-down menu of the respective deployment, as shown below


Figure 1: Select Request to open new ports

Once selected you’ll have to add the list of ports you need to be opened and eventual a justification in case you need special ports, as mentioned above.


Figure 2: List the ports to be opened

Submitting the request will automatically open a support request in the INFN Cloud ServiceDesk. You’ll receive notification when your erquest is approved and the ports will be opened or in case further details are needed.