How To: Request the “nomination to be system administrator”

This guide describes how to request the system administroator nomination lettere for the INFN Cloud environment.

Access to the INFN signature book portal

Go to and click on “INFN-AAI” button to login with your INFN credentials


Libro Firma

Create a new signature flow

  1. Click on New (red button at the top right)


    New Workflow

  2. Choose the “New from Model” Tab


    New from Model

  3. Select “Nomina ad amministratore INFN Cloud (quale utente amministratore)”


    Choose template

  4. Confirm your choice -> You are in the “Documents” screen


    Choise confirmation

  5. Click on “Next” -> You are in the “Signatories” screen

    • In section “1. Dettagli Transizione” include your administrative responsible (segretary) in the “Visible to” field (not essential but allows the management office to be informed of the process and see the document directly)

    • In section “2. Clicca sul documento per definire il piano di firma” click on the document icon

    • Enter your name in the “Richiedente” (applicant) field (Click on “Sostituisci con Destinatario” then “Aggiungi da rubrica” then click on “Aggiungi”)

    • Enter your Director’s name in the “Director” field (same steps as above)

  6. Click on Next -> You are in the “Editor” screen

  7. Click on “Create”

    • In the right column, select every on of the fields indicated by the arrows and fill them:

      1. Director of the applicant’s facility
      2. Structure of the applicant
      3. Applicant
      4. Date
    • Fill the fields and “save” them as shown in the next images:

  8. Signature of the document for acceptance - once all the fields have been filled in and document saved, the applicant must sign the document either (a) directly from the page where it is located or (b) from the e-mail it receives requesting the signature, as shown in the following images:

      1. Continuing the procedure after filling in the fields, directly in the portal:
    • (b) Starting instead from the e-mail received, image below, once you press “Sign” or go to the suggested link, continue with the steps described above in order to complete the signature

  9. Once the requestor has signed the document it will pass to the signature of the Director


Download the signed document

  1. Once the Director signs the document a notification e-mail will be sent to requestor containing a link to the signed document, as shown below. Clik on “Visualizza” or follow the link.

  2. Click on “DownloadSigned” (red button) to save the file.

  3. Rename the file to <SurnameName> - <email>.pdf

  4. Attach the file to the ticket in ServiceDesk containing your registration request

The document will be correctly signed by the Director while your signature will only have value within the INFN because it is not required that you have an official digital signature.